Outdoor Adventure at Saratoga

Saratoga Beach is a summer playground for water sports like windsurfing and skim boarding. Kite flyers and various free play sports for families and friends.


You’ll find exceptional birding in Woodhus Slough, with viewing trails leading out into the slough from the parking lot in Oyster River Regional Park. Hike to Woodhus Slough, where over 150 bird species and over 200 plant species have been recorded in the slough and adjacent marsh, fields, beach and gravel flats habitats.  For directions see your local trail and hiking map available in most stores.


Shore angling for salmon is popular from August to November. Tidal flows in Discovery Passage churn up clouds of nutrients that sustain a complex food chain, which includes, near the  top, tasty salmon. You’ll find a boat launch at the marina at Pacific Playgrounds Resort at Saratoga Beach, and another at aptly named Salmon Point in Black Creek.

Famous Fly Fishing

Fly-fish for salmon off the beach in September at the mouth of Black Creek, which flows through Miracle Beach Provincial Park into the Strait of Georgia, as well as farther north at Saratoga Beach.

Mountain Biking,

Kite Flying,

Nature Trails,


Beach Combing and more…